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English-by everyone for everything

As a world becomes a global village, billions of its inhabitants driven by willingness to communicate are  now learning English as a second language to get an access to international experience and knowledge base.

Our ESL courses offered on different levels are conducted for those who wish to either gain or improve their knowledge of English language.  Each level lasts from 3 up to 5 month and aimed to develop 4 main aspects of language:

Listening- variety of educational materials provided by the course will also include tracking lessons and additional “E&E” (Education and Entertainment) tracks for developing both academic and social listening skills.

Reading – Focusing on reading comprehension , Unity aims to enhance relevant qualities required for quick and productive reading skills development.

Writing- non-verbal communication methods such as expressing your thoughts and opinions on paper are highly demanded in the modern world. Being able to comprehend and carry out documentation and other written reference is one of the focus points of ESL course.

Speaking- the main purpose of the language is helping to build a bridge between people who are willing to connect and communicate with each other . Each lesson includes variety of topics leading to a heated discussion among the students!

*Besides general speaking time during the lesson , Unity also hosts Conversation Club , organized specifically for students of different levels, dividing classes into several equally advanced teams.


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