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In-Coming Scholarships of the V4 countries

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The In-Coming Scholarships scheme is suit­able for schol­ars who wish to study at accred­ited pub­lic or pri­vate uni­ver­si­ties or insti­tutes of the respec­tive national acad­e­mies of sci­ences in the Visegrad Group (V4) coun­tries.
Duration: 5 - 20 months
  • Study ,
  • Research
  • Master,
  • PhD
Quota: Not defined
Application deadline: 31 January
Benefits summary: Schol­ar­ships of €2,300/semester + one-time Travel Grant

Last update: 07 August 2013


The VSP is a specific program of the Fund created to facilitate academic exchanges by providing financial support to students or researchers who are citizens of the V4 countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia (hereinafter the "Member States") and for foreign citizens to study in the Member States. All universities accredited by the governments (Ministries of Education) and Institutes of Academies of Sciences are eligible to be host as well as home institutions. The aim of the VSP is to support the mobility of students and researchers among the specified countries.

Visegrad Scholarships are provided for study/research projects specified in the submitted application form. The country of citizenship shall be different from the host country. The applicant´s home and host university must be different, i.e. the previous level of university studies must be completed in a country other than where the applicant applies for studies. An applicant for the VSP shall submit no more than one application within one deadline. In the event that the applicant submits more than one
application, the Fund shall register and consider the first delivered.

Successful applicants are eligible to apply for the VSP again; however, the Fund´s maximum term of support is 4 semesters.

The level of supported studies shall be:

  • Master´s studies (the student must have completed at least 4 semesters at home university prior to applying),
  • Post-Master´s (doctoral or other postgraduate programs).

The Executive Director is responsible for the proper announcement of the VSP in conformity with the decision of the Conference of Ministers.


Citizens of the fol­low­ing coun­tries are eli­gi­ble for In-Coming Scholarships: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, the Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine(please note that the same rules are applic­a­ble to Kosovar schol­ars).

The appli­cant must either have com­pleted a Bachelor´s pro­gram or-in spe­cific cases (if the study pro­gram is not divided into dis­tinct Bachelor´s and Master´s study programs)-completed at least 3 years before start­ing the schol­ar­ship. The applicant´s home and host uni­ver­sity must be dif­fer­ent, i.e. the pre­vi­ous level of uni­ver­sity stud­ies (last obtained aca­d­e­mic diploma before start­ing the schol­ar­ship) must be com­pleted in a coun­try other than where the appli­cant applies for studies.


The length of the supported period of study/research shall be 10 months (2 semesters) or 5 months (1 semester). The maximum length of supported studies for applicants within the In-Coming Scholarship scheme applying for Master’s Scholarship is 20 months (4 semesters);

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